Trouble shooting

I am not able to import contacts?

Follow the below data integrity checks before uploading the contacts on CAMP.

  • Check whether the contact database is saved in CSV format before importing to Camp.
  • If there are any non-english language contact details For example:turkish language or any other, then always save the CSV file with UTF-8 encode before uploading to CAMP.
  • Ensure no special characters, images,extra spaces,and extra commas are included in the CSV.
  • Camp will allow import of contacts without stages and if you are trying to import contacts with stages,it will not allow.
  • If your contact database contains more than 5,000 contacts use import in background option instead of import in browser while importing contacts on Camp.

I executed a campaign, but emails are not going to contacts

Follow the below steps to ensure the contact email ID and sender email is verified.

  • The Email ID configured on CAMP should be an active account i.e. one should be able to send/receive emails through this ID
  • We configure your email as per the password provided to us during provisioning/when you subscribed for CAMP. Check if you have changed the password recently for your mailbox. If you have changed,please send us the new password so that we will authenticate the same in CAMP
  • Verify if the email template is published on Camp before executing the Campaign
  • All the contact details have to be mapped appropriately to the fields on CAMP. Contact email has to be mapped to “Email” field and not with the “Company Email “field. Always verify imported contacts to make sure the contact details are mapped correctly on CAMP
  • Finally, Under Channels-> Emails -> Edit -> Advance -> “From address “field should be left blank or should be populated with the email that is authorized to send marketing campaign emails.

Screenshot showing the advance tab for an email.

Screenshot showing the advance tab for an email
  • For any reason, if you wish to send emails from a different email address other than the one registered with CAMP, please ask your IT-Administrator to provide adequate rights on your mailbox to send on-behalf. Eg: If the default email address to send your email is and this email is used for sending all marketing campaigns. However,for a particular campaign you wish to send emails from, this is possible in CAMP by using the advanced tab of emails where you can define the “From Address” as For this to work,your IT-Administrator should give necessary rights to send emails on behalf of  

Note : The feature for sending a mail on behalf another email is available only with office 365, for all the other email service providers the process for setting up might be different or unavailable. Please always check with your IT adminstrator before updating the email address on CAMP

When I clicked "Unsubscribe" button present on the email it says "Record not found

Please check if your email has this string included in the email design - {unsubscribe_text}

This error message is seen by the end users only when you send an email directly to the contact through “Send Example “

For end user’s to be able to unsubscribe, you has to run an email campaign or send an email to a contact by using the “Send Email” option in contacts to a select contact. On receiving the email the end user can click on the unsubscribe button and will be redirected to the page successfully.

Below is the screenshot of the unsubscribe text to be included into the email.

screenshot of the unsubscribe text to be included into the email

Why duplicate contacts get generated?

CAMP allows you to add individual contacts, by manually adding contacts or to bulk import contacts from a CSV file.

Individually add contacts:
If you try to add a duplicate contact,CAMP warns you that a contact with same values exists along with the contact id. If you ignore this message,it will allow you to create a duplicate contact with same email address as shown in the screen-grab below

duplicate contact error message

Bulk Import from CSV file:

If you do bulk import of contacts, CAMP will merge existing contacts and update details based on email-id and you will see the message that shows how many new contacts were created, how many existing contacts were merged with updated values and how many were ignored

Bulk Import from CSV file

Email bounce monitoring, which is preconfigured is not working currently

Bounce monitoring will fail when the email authentication failure happens and there are two main reasons for the same are

  • Invalid login credentials for the mailbox account
  • Inactive account / client's IMAP server is down

In case you have changed your email password, please share the new credentials with the support team for re-authentication on CAMP system to avoid any disruption in bounce monitoring.  The change in login credentials will not only effect bounce monitoring but also effect the live campaigns that are scheduled.

Note : Since CAMP system will browse through the mailbox to identify the bounce mails, we recommend that you use non-personal account for set up on CAMP.